Iris von Tiedemann

(Photo by Annette Koroll)


phone: 00 49 172 941 60 41

Network & Partners

My two 64Keys mentors Nicole and Andreas Ebhart, who provided me with the content and digital basis for the 64Keys analyses with highly professional design: 64KEYS

My institute, in which I work with others to prepare future transformation facilitators for the challenging changes in our society:
Institute for Transformational Leadership

My "master" Richard Rudd, who constantly inspires me and lets me grow through his personality and his lyrics in content and poetically.

My companions for holistic energy empowerment in their expertise for cell strengthening elixirs.
Peter Kowalski and Luise Tremel from INJU

My strategic advisor and colleague who I feel connected with and who, via the levels of art, business and social commitment, is always moving and opening my mind.
Swarm Szmania GmbH

A professional film team with completely new approaches of narrative filmmaking, who prepare complicated content for me in a cinematic way.
THIRD PICTURE Film Production

My Qi Gong teacher Stéphane Seckin, who teaches me with his power and grace the miracle of inner healing.
Qi Balance

My sister, who is very close to me and opens new levels of consciousness with the help of evolutionary astrology and archetypal Gestalt work in addition to her photography.
Cylla von Tiedemann