What kind of boost can our entire organization generate?
With what intention and in what direction?
How do we bundle the power of our individual personalities and our teams in the best possible way?
Here the big picture counts. The capacity of an organisation is not equal to the sum of the people who work in it. 
Here it becomes clear how high the entrepreneurial potential is represented or not represented in various contexts of an organization. On this basis, sophisticated strategies can be developed.
  • The dynamics of organizational fields
  • The organization in the mirror of its team
  • Analysis of the organisational competence profile
  • Scanning the areas for a competence and deficit map
  • Strategies for organizational development
  • What should should be transformed and what should be integrated
  • Leadership dialogue about action options
  • Scenarios using the resonance map
  • Leadership in transformative times
  • A short training of perceptives
  • Zeitgeist, societal inclusion
  • Mindfulness & evolutionary forces