What effect do I have on the world - and what impact could I have? What is the basic equipment I bring with me and where are my hidden potentials - which are still unlived?

 Here everything focuses on our very own concerns.

Mapping the coaching concerns:

  • Multi-perspective interview on the current situation
  • Filtering individual coaching key topics
  • Learning to understand your own 64keys map

Introduction into the archetypical forces of life and actions:

  • Exploration of the personal archetypes as a guiding principle in your life
  • Strengthening the capacity of body intelligence for action decisions
  • Strategies for authentic work in different life contexts

Mindfulness in communication and relationships:

  • Exploring and aligning the unconsciously created attraction patterns
  • Developing and implementing authentic relationship strategies
  • Building internal trust instead of building securing protective walls

Discovering your core talent and core injury:

  • Exploring the interaction of the inner "hero and demon"
  • Learning to understand your „life journey" of personal lowlights and highlights
  • Being able to find and lift your hidden talent - your own gifts

Alignment of various kinds of intelligences:

  • the interaction of IQ, EQ and SQ - mental, emotional and intellectual intelligence
  • Preserving the individual field of intelligence as the steering wheel in life
  • Transfering for concrete shaping of your life

Route towards Abundance:

  • Life roles - life mission statement - life career
  • Developing your individual talents
  • Context awareness and positive environment analysis

Refinement of the energy frequency:

  • Radiating from your inner personality
  • Understanding self-consciousness literally
  • Living with your authenticity

Integration and impact:

  • Integrating the quintessence of your individual 64Keys map
  • Manifesting what is your authentic task
  • Integration of your personal 64Keys process