How works the energy potential of our team?
How do we scan the team total potential and make it visible?
Who is ready for which tasks, in which roles?
This is about the development of our common strength.
In the interaction of individual systems it quickly becomes clear,
what constitutes the capacity of a team.
Which team roles are represented or not, which ones need attention. How much energy is available and how opens

Who we ARE:

  • Team scanning with all individual competence profiles:
  • Exploring strengths and shadows within the team
  • Identifying team roles & leadership roles in the 64Keys matrix
  • Developing powerful strategies for action in cooperation with each other

Who WE are

  • The map of the team profile
  • Discovering the interaction dynamics among each other
  • Exploration of authentic team roles
    Defining role strategies

WHO we are

  • Differentiating between a work team, a power team & a flow team
  • Promoting agile cooperation with the help of the 64keys Map
  • Principles of "Team Energy" and how to increase its impact