With the help of an individual force field map, which ist your specific energetic design, 64Keys helps you to better understand your uniqueness. It recognizes your dormant specializations and can be effectivly activated by understanding your individual design.
Each person represents one aspect of mankind. It is our challenge to recognize and explore our uniqueness and make it available to the world. Only from the diversity of all arises living culture.
64Keys, also called Human Design, combines old knowledge of transformation from different cultures with new insights into evolution of complex life conditions.

An innovative encounter with oneself

Each person builds reality, which means we can also influence it intentionally. We are capable of overcoming inner blockages, as long as we trust in our abilities to transform. 64Keys helps us to develop new perspectives for ourselves. I will guide you systematically through your individual design. Together we can develop concrete strategies based on this map. Once understood, 64Keys offers a solide basis to comprehend your life and work from various angles.

The best in you determines the good in the whole.

It makes a difference whether we act individually, in a team or in a system. When do we think and act collectively or when alone?  How does this change the way we look at ourselves? Only when I am in my full power I can unleash my unique potential into the community.







The Process


See what's there.

Together we create and view the potential map and thus create an overview of the existing force fields and dormant specializations.


Understanding what you see.

We orientate ourselves on the map and examine the relationship between identified strengths and weaknesses referring to the environment.


— Recognize your uniqueness.

The uniqueness of our strengths and their balance in the interaction with our environment will be revealed to us.


Healing / Change
— draw of conclusions

Identified weaknesses in the balance of strengths are assumed. Only then can the hidden talents be discovered and unfold its power.


Activation of the potentials.

The recognition of the identified strengths allows a new orientation and unique positioning in the relationship to oneself and one's environment.

Your Coach

(Photo by Edith Förster)
(Photo by Edith Förster)

I live in the middle of Berlin and I have been working as an international Tansformational  Coach for the last 25 years. I support people to unfold their talents  -  not only for self-optimization, but to be able to take full "response-ability" within their communities and ogranizations. Based on the principleI "only if we form a harmonious part of the whole, we can develop our own full power"  I want to strengthen my clients uniqueness . Let me guide you on your path  based on your indivdual energetic force field. As a coach I open a process with you to recognize yourself in a new light. That´s why I would like to challenge you in the sense of your hidden abilities.